Miranda Rae Mayo’s birthday: Celebrating Chicago Fire’s Stella Kidd

As Chicago Fire star Miranda Rae Mayo celebrates a birthday, we look back at what her character Stella Kidd has brought to the series so far.

Today we’re wishing a happy birthday to Chicago Fire series regular Miranda Rae Mayo, who stars as firefighter Stella Kidd.

Miranda joined Chicago Fire in Season 4 as a recurring cast member, before being promoted to a series regular in Season 5. And it’s no surprise why she was kept around, as Stella contributes to Firehouse 51 on a number of levels.

Not only is Stella the only female firefighter in the house now that Gabriela Dawson has returned to being Paramedic in Charge, but she started Season 5 hooked up with Kelly Severide, who ended up saving her from her crazy ex Grant at the beginning of the season.

But while that opening arc wasn’t good news for Stella Kidd, it gave Miranda Rae Mayo some of her best scenes. Chicago Fire revisited Stella’s troubled past, showing that she had her own inner demons to fight with, and just how vunerable she could be.

Though Stellaride ended about as quickly as it fired up this season, Fire continued to use Stella as the closest thing Severide had to a sounding board. Even when he had moved on from her and he had fallen in love with Anna Turner, Stella was still there supporting Severanna. That’s something not every ex-lover would do.

And when that subplot wrapped up, who was there at the end of it? Well, Stella, of course. It seemed that she was never far away.

While that made it an awkward year for her character as Stella went from love interest to BFF (and let’s not forget how she had all those tense scenes in the tense episode “Telling Her Goodbye”), Miranda was still by turns tough, compassionate, and consoling. She has a certain charm about her that makes the character of Stella memorable in almost every scene she’s in.

Hopefully in the new season, Stella will find her direction plot-wise, and Miranda Rae Mayo will get the chance to dig further into the character. If Chicago Fire season 5 taught us anything about Stella Kidd, it’s that there’s a lot more about her we don’t know, and we want to know. We’ve barely scratched the surface with her, and we’re excited to see what else Miranda is going to bring to Chicago Fire.

Join us in wishing Miranda Rae Mayo a happy birthday in the comments and on Twitter, then watch her as Stella Kidd when Chicago Fire season 6 begins next month.

Chicago Fire returns to NBC on Sept. 28.

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