Carl Weathers to star in go90 animated series Explosion Jones

Carl Weathers has found his next role after Chicago Justice, and it could not be more different from playing State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies.

Former Chicago Justice star Carl Weathers has landed another TV project, but it’s completely in the opposite direction from his Justice character Mark Jefferies.

Weathers will star in the upcoming animated series Explosion Jones, a 12-episode show that’ll stream on Verizon’s content platform go90 starting on Sept. 5.

The show is set in the 1980’s and details the adventures of title character Bruce “Explosion” Jones, who is a former Special Forces commando turned detective and single father.

Details weren’t given on what character Carl Weathers is playing (though he would be a kick-butt Explosion Jones!), but he joins a cast that will be familiar to anyone who watches a lot of television.

Michael Madsen (Hawaii Five-0), Danny Trejo (King of the Hill), Vivica A. Fox (Empire), James Hong (Star Wars Rebels) and Jaylen Barron (Shameless) are also in the series that comes from a newly announced partnership between go90 and filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network.

Carl Weathers has lent his voice to a few animated projects in the past. He played the God of Basketball in two episodes of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, appeared as Combat Carl in the Disney special Toy Story of Terror, and recently was Omnitraxus Prime in Disney Channel’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

While hearing him star in an animated project like Explosion Jones won’t be quite the same thing as watching him stand out the way he did as Mark Jefferies on Chicago Justice, at least Justice fans will get to watch something new from Carl Weathers and in only a matter of weeks.

Here’s a clip of Carl Weathers in Regular Show to give you a sampling of his voice work:

Most of the Chicago Justice cast members have found new ventures since the cancellation of the show in May. Philip Winchester is reprising his part as Peter Stone on Law & Order: SVU, while Jon Seda is returning to Chicago PD, and Carl Weathers has Explosion Jones. Hopefully we’ll be hearing news on Monica Barbaro and Joelle Carter soon.

Explosion Jones premieres Sept. 5 on go90. You can also watch the One Chicago shows on another streaming platform called FuboTV.