Watch Carl Weathers in Explosion Jones season 1 trailer

Carl Weathers’ new series Explosion Jones premieres today on go90, and we have the Explosion Jones season 1 trailer featuring the Chicago Justice alum.

Former Chicago Justice star Carl Weathers is back today as his new series Explosion Jones is streaming now on go90, and we have the Explosion Jones season 1 trailer for you to get a first look at the action (literally).

From executive producer Robert Rodriguez (the From Dusk Till Dawn franchise), the new show is set in the 1980’s and is an animated send-up of all those 80’s action films in a season of episodes that last all of three minutes. That means it couldn’t be more different from Chicago Justice.

Carl Weathers co-stars as one of the title character’s associates, and he’s spot on playing the kind of kick-butt character that he’s still beloved for. Who doesn’t want to watch Carl Weathers stuffing a bad guy into a pool table, even if it’s only an animated Carl Weathers?

But that’s the kind of off the wall, in your face humor that exists in Explosion Jones. The series also stars some other film favorites including Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), Danny Trejo (Machete), and Vivica A. Fox (the Sharknado franchise). All of them seem to be having a great time sending up the action movies that many of them are known for.

If you only know Carl Weathers as Mark Jefferies on Chicago Justice, then you should definitely take some time out of your Tuesday and stream his new series. It doesn’t take long to check out, and the premise of the first episode is literally making breakfast.

That’s how tongue in cheek this show is, and it’s great to have Weathers back, even as his new character gets away with things that Jefferies would never have gotten to do. But that’s the fun of it.

Watch the Explosion Jones season 1 trailer below, and stream full episodes now on go90:

You can watch Explosion Jones season 1 for free now by streaming episodes on go90. For the latest Chicago Justice related news, be sure to follow our Chicago Justice category here.

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