Patti Murin’s birthday: Why we love Chicago Med’s Nina Shore

We’re wishing a belated happy birthday to Chicago Med star Patti Murin, as we wax poetic about her and her unique character, Dr. Nina Shore.

Thursday wasn’t just Chicago Fire season premiere day; it was also the birthday of Chicago Med star Patti Murin, and that calls for a tribute to the multi-talented woman who captured our hearts as Dr. Nina Shore.

Nina Shore is one of our favorite Chicago Med supporting characters, and that’s because of Patti Murin playing her. She’s a breath of fresh air every time that she appears on screen.

There’s no other character at the hospital like Nina. While every day is consumed with matters of life and death (mostly death in her case, since she’s a pathologist), she’s always got a smile on her face and a positive way of looking at the world.

And that’s more important than you think, because it provides a mitigation for all the incredibly serious and frightening and heartbreaking things going on with all the other characters. We’re seeing patients at the lowest points in their lives and doctors pushed to their limits.

There has to be a break somewhere, and Nina is that break. She’s like a walking ray of sunshine, and we love her for it.

To that end, one of the best parts of Chicago Med season 2 was that Nina got sizeable screen time and a significant subplot of her own. She started a romance with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), and though Shorestead didn’t make it to the end of the season, we still saw her have a positive influence in Will’s life.

Nina dug Will out of his hole of frustration, both literally by inviting him to move in with her and metaphorically. It’s impossible to drown in self-pity when you’re around someone as optimistic as Nina Shore! She’s not going to let anyone give up on themselves, or a patient:

Nina Shore is a great character, and one that we always want to see more of. But what makes Nina such a wonderful part of Chicago Med is what Patti Murin brings to her. No one else would be able to make her so memorable, because Nina is not unlike Patti.

The number one thing that separates the One Chicago fandom from any other universe is the quality of people who are a part of it, and Patti Murin is one of the best. That sunny disposition that makes Nina light up the screen comes from Patti. And once you get to know her, you learn how much the great work she does on Chicago Med is just scratching the surface of how great she is both professionally and personally.

Patti Murin is everything that a strong woman ought to be. She’s unafraid to speak her mind, but she does it in a positive way, whether that’s standing up for what she believes in or encouraging others. She’s there to help people (or animals, or even total strangers on the Internet) when she can. And she’s refreshingly open about who she is, what she loves, and what’s going on in her world.

Patti Murin is like everyone’s best friend, even if you’ve never met her. And if you do, you’ll fall in love with her just like we have.

Though Nina Shore got her heart broken on Chicago Med, it’s okay because Patti Murin is in the middle of something even bigger and better. She’s currently starring as Princess Anna in Disney’s Frozen musical, which is live in Denver now before it transfers to Broadway next spring. You can watch the trailer here and get your tickets using the link below.

It’s fantastic to see Patti get this amazing role for her career, because she absolutely deserves it with everything she’s given to Chicago Med, the One Chicago fandom, and to the world in general. Happy birthday, Patti, and we hope this next year is your best yet.

Join us in wishing Patti Murin a happy birthday in the comments and on Twitter! Hopefully we’ll see her as Dr. Nina Shore again when Chicago Med season 3 premieres this midseason.

Chicago Med returns to NBC at midseason.