One Chicago questions of the week: Week of April 9

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We have questions about Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med, and we’re looking for answers. Here are our One Chicago questions of the week.

Ever finish an episode with a lingering thought or question in your mind about what you just saw that just won’t leave your brain? One little detail that you noticed that seemed out of place, a plot hole that gnaws at your logical side or a big picture question that keeps you up night hoping it gets answered in the next episode? That happens to us here at One Chicago Center too!

It’s the little – or sometimes huge – questions that often lead the discussions immediately on social media or among friends and colleagues the next day. It happens so much here that we’ve decided to start sharing them with the One Chicago fan community.

Each week we’re sharing five of the events, issues and/or oddities across the One Chicago episodes that left us wondering. These are five of the things that made us think what just happened? Would that really happen that way? What on earth were they thinking? In real life is this really “a thing?” They may be questions unique to the past week’s episodes or recurring issues that have finally made us ask what’s up?

This week’s questions are all related to this week’s One Chicago episodes: Chicago Med‘s “Devil in Disguise,” Chicago PD‘s “Payback,” and Chicago Fire‘s “When They See Us Coming.”

Click through the slideshow to check out our questions of the week and if you have answers or questions of your own, leave them here in the comments.