5 reasons Chicago PD will regret killing Alvin Olinsky

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Chicago PD said goodbye to Alvin Olinsky in the Chicago PD season 5 finale, but here’s why the show will regret axing Elias Koteas’s character.

Wednesday’s Chicago PD season finale shocked fans when it revealed that Detective Alvin Olinsky had died from the jailhouse attack he suffered in the season’s penultimate episode. His death is a huge blow to the series, and one we believe it will come to regret.

As played by Elias Koteas for more than 100 episodes, Olinsky was one of the most experienced members of Chicago PD‘s Intelligence Unit. His lengthy history with boss Hank Voight, plus his dry way of looking at the world, made him a favorite with many of the show’s fans. And now that he’s gone, the show will have a big hole to fill going into next fall’s sixth season.

Showrunner Rick Eid told TVLine that Olinsky’s death was a creative decision as part of the ongoing Voight and Denny Woods storyline, not Elias Koteas’s decision. But Wednesday makes Koteas the second original cast member to depart Chicago PD in two seasons, and what we do know for sure is that there are a lot of reasons one could argue that writing him out was not a good idea.

Click through the below slideshow for the 5 reasons we believe Chicago PD will regret the death of Alvin Olinsky, and leave us your opinions on the season finale’s big plot twist in the comments at the end of this article.

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