One Chicago’s own royal weddings

Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) gets married on Chicago Fire. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Morris/Courtesy of NBC.
Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) gets married on Chicago Fire. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Morris/Courtesy of NBC. /

In honor of the Royal Wedding, we look back at the times One Chicago royalty has tied the knot throughout the history of Chicago Fire.

The Royal Wedding is captivating audiences around the world today, including One Chicago fans. While we don’t have any actual royalty in our fandom, several of our most prominent characters have tied the knot over the last six years.

So in honor of this special occasion, we’re taking a look back at the three major weddings we’ve had in One Chicago, all of them on Chicago Fire. We haven’t had anyone get married on Chicago PD or Chicago Med yet (but we just might!)

These are the weddings we’ve seen on screen (sorry, Severide’s Vegas wedding) and while they may not be as big as the Royal Wedding, we think they’re still pretty romantic. If today’s ceremony has put you in a matrimonial mood, you can watch them all again below.

Below, a brief history of the One Chicago wedding:

1) Boden and Donna, Chicago Fire season 2

Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) and Donna Robbins (recurring guest star Melissa Ponzio) were the first couple to tie the knot on-screen on the NBC series, getting hitched in the season 2 finale “Real Never Waits.”

Though Boden botched his first proposal to Donna, which came after she told him she was pregnant with their son, he rebounded in a big way—going to her school in full dress uniform to propose properly!

Fittingly for Chicago Fire, the two of them were married at Firehouse 51 by Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett), with everyone on hand for their special moment. Four years and four seasons later, they are still adorable.

2) Mouch and Trudy, Chicago Fire season 4

Can you believe it’s only been two seasons since Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) and Chicago PD‘s Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) got married? One Chicago’s only crossover couple feels as if they’ve been together forever, maybe because they lovingly bicker like it’s been decades.

The road to wedded bliss for Trudy and Mouch actually started at the first One Chicago wedding; that was where they first met! It took them another two seasons to get around to tying the knot, and it did not go at all like they expected.

Both Trudy and Mouch had their moments of freaking out leading up to the big day, until they eventually were married in a ceremony that was perfect for how they’re both low-maintenance, no-nonsense people—with all of their friends at Molly’s Bar. And we can’t wait to see them grow old and even more banter-y together.

3) Casey and Dawson, Chicago Fire season 5

Chicago Fire saved the best for last, when it finally allowed Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) to get hitched as part of the show’s milestone 100th episode last season. It wasn’t the Royal Wedding, but for fans it felt like an equally big event.

Casey and Dawson are as close as you can get to One Chicago’s equivalent of royalty, being the franchise’s first bona fide couple and two fan favorite characters. Fans had been waiting for them to make it official for seasons before they went down to the courthouse, with just a small circle of their friends and family as witnesses.

Dawsey might be One Chicago’s biggest couple, but they had the simplest and most intimate wedding. Unlike the other two, there was no preparation and no ceremony; they just went and made it happen, and that ended up making it more memorable.

Unfortunately, this union looks like it’s going to be relatively short-lived—because roughly a season and a half later, Monica Raymund is leaving the series.

Next: Will we have a Chicago Med wedding?

Which was your favorite One Chicago wedding? Let us know which of these ceremonies was your favorite in the comments, and congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their special day!