Chicago Med season 4, episode 17 recap: The Space Between Us

CHICAGO MED -- "The Space Between Us" Episode 417 -- Pictured: Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
CHICAGO MED -- "The Space Between Us" Episode 417 -- Pictured: Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /
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Chicago Med
CHICAGO MED — “The Space Between Us” Episode 417 — Pictured: Torrey DeVitto as Natalie Manning — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC) /

Will and Natalie

Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) had an awkward moment when he randomly gave her back her house key just before they walked in to treat a patient. Bad timing, Will!

Both Ben and his girlfriend Lisa both had cystic fibrosis, so they’d never even been in the same room for fear of making each other’s conditions worse. Ben needed a lung transplant and some were quickly located, but he started to decline when his new lungs were still an hour away from Chicago Med. Keeping him alive meant putting in his fifth chest tube, which caused damage that made Dr. Isidore Latham (who didn’t actually appear in the episode) to call off the transplant.

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That effectively killed Ben. However, that meant the available lungs would then go to Lisa! She refused to leave her dying boyfriend, until Will told her that getting the lung transplant meant that she could finally physically spend a moment with Ben. The two shared their first kiss before Lisa left, on her way to getting the lungs that would’ve saved Ben’s life. She was last seen sobbing in her own hospital room as the duo informed her of his passing.

And in another case of bad timing, Natalie’s new squeeze Phillip (Ian Harding) arrived for his daughter’s next checkup, and her behavior with him made it kind of obvious that they were more than just doctor and patient. This prompted Will to comment on Phillip to Natalie, saying “He’s lucky to have you,” so his spider-sense was clearly still tingling.

Will tried to talk to Natalie at the end of the episode, but all he ended up saying was that they had some good memories. She agreed with that statement, before she left him on his own. And there still isn’t any idea about why it matters that Agent Lee lives near him.