5 reasons why we’ll miss Peter Stone

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Peter Stone is leaving Law and Order: SVU, but here’s why we’ll miss Philip Winchester’s character and what he brought to two Dick Wolf franchises.

Peter Stone is leaving the courtroom. Philip Winchester will not be returning for the next Law & Order: SVU season, after the actor revealed his departure on Twitter shortly after the show was renewed Friday.

That brings an end to an incredible journey that started on Chicago PD, continued with the launch of the underappreciated Chicago Justice, and carried over into a season and a half of SVU. Stone is one of the great characters to come through the Dick Wolf universe, and not having him around is truly a shame.

In honor of everything that Philip Winchester accomplished over the last two and a half seasons, we’ve put together the five biggest reasons why Peter Stone will be missed, starting with:

Peter Stone

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT — “Mea Culpa” Episode 2009 — Pictured: Philip Winchester as Peter Stone — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

5. He connected the One Chicago and Law & Order worlds

The Law & Order and One Chicago franchises have crossed over numerous times, but there was never a character who physically represented both of them until Peter Stone came along. He’s the only character who’s been a regular on a Law & Order series and a Chicago series.

For people who’ve watched and loved both franchises, there’s something special about that. The decision to make Peter the son of Law & Order attorney Ben Stone (played by Michael Moriarty) wasn’t just a name check; it actually meant something. Ben Stone was the first ever prosecutor in the mothership’s history, so it was going all the way back to the beginning—and a way to keep the story and the history of the original series going.

The original Law & Order didn’t get much of a sendoff (unlike SVU, it was cancelled before it got to season 21), and Ben in particular had a bittersweet ending with his resignation (in reality, Moriarty controversially departed the show after season 4). Peter Stone filled the gaps for both those things; through him and his sister Pamela, his family’s story kept being written, and he certainly kept the spirit of classic Law & Order alive. Now that’s pretty much gone, unless Richard Brooks turns up on SVU to play Paul Robinette again.

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