Why did Norma Kuhling leave Chicago Med?

Why did Norma Kuhling leave Chicago Med? Find out why Norma Kuhling left Chicago Med and what happened to her character Dr. Ava Bekker.

Why did Norma Kuhling leave Chicago Med? The season 4 finale was the last episode for Dr. Ava Bekker, leaving fans wondering what happened to her character and why the actress won’t be in season 5.

Ava wasn’t with the show very long—she lasted only two seasons as a regular after making her first appearance in the season 2 finale. Introduced as a professional rival for Dr. Connor Rhodes, it didn’t take her long to also become his girlfriend, and then his ex-girlfriend, and then they were back on for a little bit, and then, well.

The fourth season turned her from love interest into love-obsessed. Things started off on an odd but intriguing note, when Ava brokered a deal with Connor’s father Cornelius Rhodes (guest star D.W. Moffett) to fund a hybrid OR so that Connor would stay at Chicago Med rather than take a job at the Mayo Clinic.

Then she began seemingly manipulating situations, whether it was stealing an important surgery out from under him, or possibly injuring herself during a procedure so that Connor would feel sorry for her, and maybe she faked kidnapping his ex-girlfriend Robin Charles. But the real shocker came in the season finale, when Ava told Connor that she had murdered Cornelius.

Ava had administered a fatal dose of insulin to Cornelius, thinking that killing off Connor’s father would enable the two of them to get back together. Connor rebuffed her advances, and Ava was last seen leaving the doctors’ lounge after calling him an “ungrateful prick.” Will she ever be held accountable for what she’s done? Well, who knows—the finale didn’t address that or show her quitting the hospital.

Off-screen, Norma Kuhling was dropped from Chicago Med as part of a “creative decision” by the show’s writers, who felt that her character had run its course. Which makes sense, when they had her kill someone and who knows what else she actually did.

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