Chicago Fire season 8 character preview: Christopher Herrmann

CHICAGO FIRE -- "You Choose" Episode 711 -- Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "You Choose" Episode 711 -- Pictured: David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris) /
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What will Chicago Fire season 8 have in store for Christopher Herrmann? Look ahead as we preview Chicago Fire’s new season for David Eigenberg’s character.

With Chicago Fire season 8 coming in just a few weeks, it’s time once again to preview the new season for each character and look ahead to fresh episodes.

Where did your favorite character leave off when we saw them last? What are the big facts that fans need to remember before the season premiere? Where should they go next in season 8 for the best outcome? And is that where they’ll actually end up, or what direction is the show likely to take them in based on what we know so far?

Check out our detailed character preview, and let us know your thoughts on where you’d like to see each character go and why in the comments.

In this article, we’re profiling Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg).

Where we left off

When last we saw Christopher Herrmann, he wasn’t doing too well. Chicago Fire left him directly in front of a boiler that was poised to explode. That prompts the question: is he the most likely to die in the season premiere, since he’s literally standing in front of the hazardous object?

Before that, things weren’t too bad for everyone’s favorite cantankerous firefighter. He earned a promotion to Lieutenant, which took him completely by surprise, since part of the reasoning that Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) had was to bump up Herrmann in order to keep another officer from swooping into Firehouse 51.

But regardless of how he got the rank, there was no doubt that Herrmann had finally earned it, and he spent part of the season getting used to being Lieutenant. That included being an authority figure, making decisions from that point of view, and dealing with the people who didn’t respect him.

He also took on the role of mentor to new candidate Darren Ritter (recurring guest star Daniel Kyri), and had a momentary meltdown over his son getting into a minor car accident—but there’s always some kind of a Herrmann blow-up every season, and it didn’t take him long to apologize and admit that he’d lashed out due to stress. Herrmann’s always stressed, and this season was no different. It just came with a different title.