Chicago PD season 7, episode 7 recap: Informant

CHICAGO P.D.- "Informant" Episode 708 -- Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Det. Hailey Upton -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)
CHICAGO P.D.- "Informant" Episode 708 -- Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Det. Hailey Upton -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /
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CHICAGO P.D.- “Informant” Episode 708 — Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Det. Hailey Upton — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /

Is Darius guilty?

The team watches Darius as he meets with Mackie at a local restaurant and asks him about the recent carfentanil overdoses. The conversation goes south as soon as Darius says he’s going to buy the rest of the supply and get it under control. But it’s not a negotiation, and Mackie agrees to a time and place to turn over the product. “[Darius] sounded like Voight,” Halstead tells Upton, who gets another call from her ex-informant.

Except when she goes to meet him, he starts talking about Darius—and that’s the last word he says before he’s shot in the back. Upton, her face still spattered with his blood, finds the shooter fairly easily and hits him a few times for good measure. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) finally pops by to check on her and give Chicago PD fans details on who the shooter is.

Upton crashes Voight and Halstead’s interrogation of the unrepentant shooter. The guy just keeps repeating the same sentence over and over again, which is annoying for everyone, including those of us watching at home. She is prepared to blame Darius for her CI’s death, but Voight cautions her that it isn’t likely and they don’t have any options left either.

Darius meets with Mackie to pick up the drugs, with the whole Intelligence team waiting in the wings. But Darius finds that Mackie has a tracking device on his car. He spins that and accuses Mackie of being the police snitch, which is all a perfect setup to get Mackie arrested while Darius blows out of the lot, to meet up with Voight later and turn over the drugs.

Ruzek and Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) play dumb as they interrogate Mackie, who goes ballistic when Atwater floats the idea of turning him into an informant. Halstead can tell Upton is still angry, and his attempt at consoling her falls on deaf ears. She doesn’t know Voight is asking her question: did Darius order her informant killed? Darius goes on a whole spiel about how snitches can’t be protected, which really doesn’t answer anything. And since it doesn’t, Voight tells the team they’re going to keep using him as an informant.

He then calls Upton into his office, where she continues to insist Darius is guilty. “He should be held accountable,” she declares, while clearly feeling guilty herself. Voight asks her what she wants from him, before saying, “You know I made the right decision tonight. He was yours, and his death is yours.” That kind of comes across like blaming Upton, but okay.

And this Chicago PD episode ends with another of Hank Voight’s speeches about how the world really works, at least according to him. Upton asks him how she carries this death on her conscience. “I still have no idea,” he admits, which might be the one thing Hank Voight doesn’t know.

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