Hunted star Brandon Scott goes behind the scenes on Dick Wolf podcast

Key art for Hunted, the new audio drama from Wolf Entertainment and Endeavour Audio. Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Lippin Group.
Key art for Hunted, the new audio drama from Wolf Entertainment and Endeavour Audio. Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Lippin Group. /

Dick Wolf’s first scripted podcast Hunted is out now, and Brandon Scott gave One Chicago Center a look behind the scenes of the crime drama.

Hunted, the first podcast drama from One Chicago and Law & Order producer Dick Wolf, wrapped its first season this week—which means you can now stream all eight episodes of the new series!

Brandon Scott, who plays one of the U.S. Marshals assigned to track down a group of dangerous fugitives after they escaped from prison, joined One Chicago Center recently to give us a look into how it came together and how it differs from the Wolf TV brand.

Plus, what’s his personal connection to the Dick Wolf universe?

Learn more in our interview with Brandon Scott below, then catch every episode of Hunted now by visiting the official website or your favorite podcast platform.

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One Chicago Center: Your very first TV role was guest starring in an episode of Law & Order. What was it like to co-star in another Dick Wolf project years later?

Brandon Scott: I love the Dick Wolf universe. They execute the genre so well. So it was very exciting to be a part of this project and their venture into scripted audio storytelling.

OCC: What was it about Hunted that appealed to you? Was it the association with Wolf or were there other factors as well that made you sign on?

BS: Seeing that it was a Dick Wolf project was the first thing that appealed to me. Then before officially signing on, I got to read all the scripts, and I absolutely loved them. I thought Jeffrey Baker did an excellent job of storytelling. I audibly gasped and got chills many times. And I could feel how this would translate so well as a scripted audio series. Finally, the night before the first day of recording, I got the call sheet and saw that Parker Posey was the lead. So it just got better and better.

OCC: How did you decide what you wanted to do with your character, Deputy U.S. Marshal Morra? Did your acting approach have to change since Hunted‘s not in a visual medium?

BS: For Morra, I did the usual: researching the true events, the profession, script analysis, etc. Knowing it was an audio medium, I questioned a bit more where his voice would sit, the extent of his register. The Southern quality and rhythm.

And then I tried to add some personal elements—for example, I’m from the South and my family communicates so well with a well timed “mm-hmm” or “uh-huh.” I thought sprinkling those in as Barnes and Morra are piecing the pieces together would be effective.

OCC: How was the actual production of Hunted? Was it similar or different to a TV series?

BS: In other audio series I have been a part of, we’ve stood at music stands and captured the performance. Sometimes without all the actors there in the room. What was cool about Hunted was that the director, Shawn Christensen, had us all present, on our feet, with props, in different rooms or even outside to create the environments and assist with the performances.

So though we weren’t on camera, we were very physical. And since we didn’t have to set up lights, [have] set dressing, etc, we recorded tons of pages each day. There was no hurry up and wait like they say about TV and film. It kept moving. It was a fun process.

OCC: What were your highlights from these episodes? Anything that fans should listen out for?

BS: Count the number of uh-huhs and mm-hmms. (laughs) Nah, I just want folks to enjoy the ride. Maybe listen in whatever their version of a cinematic environment is, because the sound design and score supplement the story so well.

[My highlight was] probably watching Parker Posey work. She’s a beast. I just love working with actors attuned to creating specific, grounded performances. How they fill the moments.

OCC: So ultimately, how does Hunted compare to Law & Order or some of your other roles like the NCIS franchise?

BS: In NCIS and Law & Order I was being interrogated, so I enjoyed being the one asking the questions around here this time!

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