Will Murder For Hire be renewed for season 2?

MURDER FOR HIRE -- Pictured: "Murder for Hire" Key Art -- (Photo by: Oxygen)
MURDER FOR HIRE -- Pictured: "Murder for Hire" Key Art -- (Photo by: Oxygen) /

Will Murder For Hire be renewed for season 2 on Oxygen? Find out whether or not the Dick Wolf true crime series is returning for a second season in 2020.

Is Murder For Hire renewed? Will Oxygen bring back the Dick Wolf produced true crime show for season 2? Or will it be a one-hit wonder?

Murder For Hire is Dick Wolf’s newest true crime project, showcasing real criminal investigations in which someone attempts to hire someone else to commit murder—only to wind up being caught, thanks to the efforts of informants and undercover police officers.

It’s told a number of sensational stories including the one-time drummer for The Stylistics trying to have his girlfriend murdered after his wife discovered their relationship, and a prison guard in an affair with an inmate who attempted to get her husband out of the picture. With episodes that are this intense and nearly unbelievable, it’s become addictive television.

What Dick Wolf enthusiasts may not know is that the show is only on its first season. Even though it premiered all the way back in April, Oxygen spread the Murder For Hire episodes out so that the 23 installments ran longer. The result was an eight-month season, so the show still needed to get a renewal.

Which brings us to the question, is it coming back for another season? The network hasn’t made any official announcement saying that Murder For Hire was renewed, but it’d be a surprise if the show didn’t return. Oxygen already has a strong relationship with Dick Wolf, who has two other shows on the network. And don’t forget that it’s a sister network to NBC, where he’s the biggest producer they have.

Setting all that aside, this is the most interesting true crime program on the network, so Murder For Hire season 2 should be a given. It’s a good idea from both the business and entertainment standpoints. While we wait to hear what will happen to the show, you can watch all of the first season episodes on the official website for free.

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