Chicago Fire season 8, episode 11 synopsis and promo: Where We End Up

What’s happening in this week’s Chicago Fire episode? Find out about “Where We End Up” with the Chicago Fire season 8, episode 11 synopsis and teaser.

The next episode of Chicago Fire continues to pit Firehouse 51 against Firehouse 20, as their boundaries overlap and tensions run high.

From the looks of the synopsis and promo that NBC has released, Wednesday’s installment, “Where We End Up,” seems like it will have its second in command, Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) butt heads with Captain Delaney.

Since the last episode saw members of 51 react negatively toward the “glory-hogs” of Firehouse 20, safe to say this “working together” idea won’t go smoothly. But if the captains are starting off on the wrong foot, what could that mean for the rest of the team?

If there’s anyone who could use a reprieve from the drama, it would be the paramedics of Ambulance 61, Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh). They just resolved their fight in last week’s episode, but it seems as though they won’t be able to catch a break.

According to the episode description, Brett and Foster worry that a commanding officer is gunning for them, which could potentially spell trouble for the once rocky partnership. Meanwhile, the rest of 51 will have to share quarters with Firehouse 20, which will make everyone a little too close for comfort. We can’t imagine that will make things easy when either house is called for a job, as they’ll have to essentially work around each other to survive.

Here’s how NBC officially describes the episode:

A pest control problem forces the 51 team to temporarily bunk with Firehouse 20; all under the same roof, Casey clashes with Capt. Delaney, while Foster, Kidd and Brett fear Capt. Leone has it out for them; Boden mulls a procedural overhaul.

And here’s the promo that’s been airing in advance of the episode:

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