Chicago PD season 7, episode 12 recap: The Devil You Know

CHICAGO P.D. -- "The Devil You Know" Episode 712 -- Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)
CHICAGO P.D. -- "The Devil You Know" Episode 712 -- Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Officer Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /
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Chicago PD
CHICAGO PD — “The Devil You Know” Episode 712 — Pictured: (l-r) Marina Squerciati as Officer Kim Burgess, Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /

This week’s Chicago PD led the Intelligence Unit on a hunt for dirty cops dealing drugs. Find out what happened in our Chicago PD season 7, episode 12 recap.

Chicago PD gathered the whole team this week as they took down some of the hardest criminals to catch: cops. While there’s nothing Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and his unit can’t handle, there were some bumps in the road when Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) decided to take matters into her own hands.

While this episode needed all hands on deck to crack the case, it also showed the importance of working together as a team, which is something the 21st does quite well. We got to see Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) go undercover even with her pregnancy, and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) was fully supportive.

“The Devil You Know” marked the return of Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) to the field, where he worked alongside Vanessa Rojas (Lisseth Chavez), Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins), and even Sergeant Trudy Platt (Amy Morton).

Click through this slideshow to find out what happened in the latest Chicago PD episode for each of your favorite characters. Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments at the end of this piece.

Chicago PD
CHICAGO PD — “The Devil You Know” Episode 712 — Pictured: Jesse Lee Soffer as Det. Jay Halstead — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /

Going in

The episode started off with Adam and Jay hanging out, waiting for Kim and Hailey to get ready for their undercover operation. Vanessa and Kevin came out too, and the team got together to go over their plan. Rojas was playing a dealer who wanted to make it big, but the plan was to take down her connection right then, right now.

Kevin and Kim were on the ground with her; Adam and Jay were on the ready for the takedown; and Hailey had the main eye. Since she had the main eye, she called the shots. And the call she made? No one move on their target. When Rojas confronted her about the call, asking what that was about, Hailey revealed an important tidbit of information: “Your dope dealer, he’s a cop.”

Kelly Tyler was an 11 year veteran, who Hailey knew because they went to the academy together – and he may have asked her out, to which she may have said no. They had no reason to believe he was working in an official capacity that day; he was there for the heroin.

Proof that Tyler was killing it in the drug game? He bought a lakefront property, and he had a storage unit, which was a front for an LLC that didn’t exist – because his mother (whose name it was under) had been dead for three years.

Since he’s a cop, Voight warned the team that Tyler would move and think like they do. He sent Jay and Adam into the storage unit, meanwhile Rojas, Atwater, Burgess, and Upton were on surveillance detail. When Ruzek and Halstead were inside Kelly’s storage unit, they found major keys of heroin, so they knew he was using it as a stash house.

Back at the district, Jay announced to Hailey and Voight that there was another cop involved. He went back through his records from an old case, and found out that the dope inside Tyler’s storage unit was the same dope that was said to be “incinerated” in the South Side dope vault.

Sergeant Jake Gibbs’ name popped up on Jay’s research, and he also found out that Kelly took a turn in the dope vault when he was younger. So, they concluded, it was possible they were working together. Intelligence confirmed it when they saw them meet together, but an unknown third vehicle showed up. The third person that met with Kelly Tyler and Jake Gibbs? Darius Walker (recurring guest star Michael Beach).