Chicago Med season 5, episode 14 synopsis and promo: It May Not Be Forever

What’s happening in this week’s Chicago Med episode? Find out about It May Not Be Forever with the Chicago Med season 5, episode 14 synopsis and teaser.

The upcoming Chicago Med won’t have much love lost, according to NBC‘s official description of this week’s episode and the promo that they’ve released for it.

Wednesday’s hour is called “It May Not Be Forever,” and even though it’s airing before Valentine’s Day and the show is heavy on romantic relationships, it doesn’t sound like love is in the air during any of its storylines. The main story is about an abusive husband, and how two of our doctors are not in agreement about how to handle the domestic violence.

Since one of those doctors is Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto), audiences can probably guess what position she will take. Natalie is easily the show’s most opinionated doctor, and she also has strong protective instincts. She’ll probably go on the offensive, and want to do everything she can to make sure the man is held responsible.

The question is, what’s there to disagree about? Domestic abuse seems like something that is fairly cut and dried, so could this be another situation where Natalie’s approach to the case steps over the line? Or is there some sort of plot twist we don’t know about that’s supposed to make us look at this story differently? At least it almost certainly can’t end worse than last Wednesday’s episode.

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Here’s how NBC officially describes the episode:

Dr. Manning and Dr. Marcel disagree over an abusive husband. Dr. Halstead struggles with ethics and his decision to work at the safe injection site. Dr. Charles and Elsa reveal a misdiagnosis that may change a family’s life.

And here’s the promo that’s been airing in advance of the episode:

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