One Chicago actors who are headed to new shows next season

CHICAGO P.D. -- "This City" Episode 618 -- Pictured: Jon Seda as Det. Antonio Dawson -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein)
CHICAGO P.D. -- "This City" Episode 618 -- Pictured: Jon Seda as Det. Antonio Dawson -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein) /
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CHICAGO P.D. — “Confession” Episode 621 — Pictured: Jon Seda as Antonio Dawson — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /

Jon Seda

Since he was written out of Chicago PD at the end of season 6, it feels like not a day goes by in the One Chicago fandom without someone mentioning Jon Seda. The actor who portrayed Antonio Dawson was always one of fans’ favorites, and then came the announcement that producers had let him go from the series after last season.

But given his popularity, it’s likewise not a shock that Seda was offered another series regular role now that he’s been back on the open market. He was announced last week to have joined the main cast of a disaster-themed pilot called La Brea, in which a giant sinkhole opens up in Los Angeles and divides the city in half. But there’s a twist: somehow, this sinkhole also sends some characters sideways into a strange new world.  How? Well, we’ll have to see if the show gets picked up to find out.

Seda is going to play Dr. Benjamin Glass, and all anyone knows is that his character is a former Navy SEAL. What kind of doctor is he? Is he part of the regular LA storyline or this alternate plot? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? There isn’t a single clue, and that put together with this show’s kind of confusing storyline, and we’re not really feeling confident—or that excited—about La Brea.

But One Chicago viewers will always enjoy seeing more of Jon Seda, and this is another pilot that’s in contention at NBC, so it would bring Seda back under the NBCUniversal roof for yet another new show (he’s worked extensively with the network on Homicide: Life on the Street, Law & Order and others besides Chicago PD).