Chicago Fire season 8 character review: Kelly Severide

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Chicago Fire

CHICAGO FIRE — “Off The Grid” Episode 815 — Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide — (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)

How was Chicago Fire season 8 for Kelly Severide? We’re looking back at how Chicago Fire’s latest season went for Taylor Kinney’s character.

As we continue to look back on Chicago Fire season 8, we’re breaking down the season for each of the show’s characters.

Did your favorite character have a good season or a bad season? What were their strong points and were there any weaknesses? Was the character affected by the show’s writing, or vice versa? Where could they go from here?

Check out our detailed character breakdown, and let us know your thoughts on how this season was for each character in the comments.

In this article, we’re profiling Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

What happened

Severide found himself in only a few life-threatening situations in Chicago Fire season 8, which made this a slow season for our favorite fearless lieutenant. Trouble, professional and personal, has a habit of following him around, but it seemed to let up just a little bit this year.

The biggest change for Severide this season was that he accepted a temporary assignment in the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI). Though originally having no interest whatsoever in working as an arson investigator, he was convinced to take the post after a conversation with his former mentor Carl Grissom (a briefly appearing Gary Cole). Severide partnered with Wendy Seager (Andy Allo) and proved to be as good at investigating fires as his father had been.

He came back to Firehouse 51 and went right back to rescuing people, most notably in what was the impromptu season finale “51’s Original Bell.” After Capp (Randy Flagler) was badly wounded in a chemical gas situation, Severide not only physically helped his colleague to safety but went on a personal crusade to make sure that the people responsible got what was coming to them. Fans would expect nothing less from Severide, who’s as loyal as he is fearless.

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