Chicago PD season 7 character review: Adam Ruzek

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Chicago PD

CHICAGO FIRE — “Off The Grid” Episode 815 — Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek — (Photo by: Adrian Burrows/NBC)

How was Chicago PD season 7 for Adam Ruzek? We’re looking back at how Chicago PD’s latest season went for Patrick John Flueger’s character.

As we continue to look back on Chicago PD season 7, we’re breaking down the season for each of the show’s characters.

Did your favorite character have a good season or a bad season? What were their strong points and were there any weaknesses? Was the character affected by the show’s writing, or vice versa? Where could they go from here?

Check out our detailed character breakdown, and let us know your thoughts on how this season was for each character in the comments.

In this article, we’re profiling Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger).

What happened to Adam Ruzek in Chicago PD season 7

If you thought Adam Ruzek had enough on his plate last season, that was nothing compared to what Chicago PD season 7 served up for him. Ruzek’s life got upended again, thanks to the show’s desire to shake things up for his former fiancee Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati).

Ruzek and Burgess hooked up again after the events of the “Infection” crossover event, and learned several episodes later that she was pregnant. After some discussion about what Kim wanted to do with the baby, the two settled into a good and supportive relationship. Adam proposed again, which Kim declined, and was prepared to move in with her so that they could be a family unit.

Unfortunately “I Was Here” saw Burgess lose the baby as a result of a fight with a suspect. After that, things began to fall apart between them; Burgess exploded on Adam in an emotional locker room moment, and we learned in the season finale “Buried Secrets” that Ruzek had been sleeping with someone else, despite still having feelings for Kim. At least they ended the season going out for dinner together, so hopefully that’s an encouraging sign?

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