Chicago PD season 7 character review: Vanessa Rojas

CHICAGO P.D.-- "No Regrets" Episode 706 -- Pictured: Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)
CHICAGO P.D.-- "No Regrets" Episode 706 -- Pictured: Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /
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CHICAGO P.D. — “Lines” Episode 718 — Pictured: (l-r) Lisseth Chavez as Vanessa Rojas, Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton — (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC) /

How was Chicago PD season 7 for Vanessa Rojas? We’re looking back at how Chicago PD’s latest season went for Lisseth Chavez’s character.

As we continue to look back on Chicago PD season 7, we’re breaking down the season for each of the show’s characters.

Did your favorite character have a good season or a bad season? What were their strong points and were there any weaknesses? Was the character affected by the show’s writing, or vice versa? Where could they go from here?

Check out our detailed character breakdown, and let us know your thoughts on how this season was for each character in the comments.

In this article, we’re profiling Vanessa Rojas (Lisseth Chavez).

What happened in Chicago PD season 7 for Vanessa Rojas

This Chicago PD season was the first for Vanessa Rojas, as she was introduced in the season’s second episode “Assets” to fill the space vacated when Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) was written out of the show.

And precisely because it was her first season, the writers spent a significant amount of time giving Rojas the spotlight and trying to endear her to viewers. The audience first met her when she was working undercover in the same bar that Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) was undercover at. He was able to deduce that she wasn’t really the bartender, and when she moved to Intelligence, the two became partners.

Rojas had several episodes that were either devoted to her or had her take an important role in the plot. They included “Familia” where she went undercover to bust a female-run drug operation, “Center Mass” where she formed a bond with a mentally ill witness who turned out to be a possible suspect, and “Lines” in which Rojas committed obstruction by erasing evidence that her ex-boyfriend was at a scene.

The latter was particularly a tough pill to swallow, because not only did Rojas not face any severe consequences for her actions, but her new roommate Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) was willing to commit a further crime to ensure that Rojas’s ex got a plea bargain. So in relatively short order, Vanessa had her colleagues risking their careers for her on top of breaking the law herself. She did not waste any time adapting to the morally grey world that Chicago PD presents.