Law and Order SVU season 21 now available on DVD

Law and Order SVU season 21 is now available on DVD.

Law & Order: SVU season 21 has arrived on DVD, and One Chicago Center has all the details on the release of the Dick Wolf show’s latest season.

Season 21 is now available on Amazon for $34.98, or digitally through Amazon Video for $33.99, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (the home video division of NBC‘s parent company, NBCUniversal).

This is the season that just finished airing in April, and is continuing to broadcast reruns over the summer.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the SVU season 21 DVD release.

Law and Order SVU season 21 episodes

Season 21 is the first season without Chicago Justice alum Philip Winchester, whose ADA Peter Stone was written out at the end of last season. Winchester was replaced by Peter Scanavino, whose character Dominick “Sonny” Carisi was promoted to Assistant District Attorney from Detective.

It’s also the first season for Jamie Gray Hyder (Graceland) as Detective Katriona “Kat” Azar Tamin. Originally introduced as a recurring character, Hyder was promoted to series regular before the end of the season, to fill Scanavino’s spot in the squadroom.

Episodes include the buzzy season premiere “I’m Going To Make You A Star,” inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal and starring Ian McShane (Deadwood, American Gods) as a Weinstein-type character, Sir Toby Moore. McShane returns in the season finale, “The Things We Have to Lose.”

There’s also the two-part story “Can’t Be Held Accountable”/”Must Be Held Accountable” with Nicholas Turturro as a former SVU detective who goes to desperate lengths to protect his daughters.

While the series loses something with Winchester’s departure, the 21st season still brings in a number of recognizable guest stars to play off of the now well-established core group. Fans who have loved the series in the past will continue to enjoy this collection.

Law and Order SVU season 21 DVD details

Despite Law & Order: SVU‘s huge popularity, it’s not a major seller on DVD. Universal is not releasing this season onto regular retail shelves; instead it’s a manufacture-on-demand (MOD) title that has to be ordered. That follows the MOD release of the previous three seasons.

A side effect of that is that, like most MOD titles, there are no special features on this set. Not a single one. No deleted scenes, no commentaries, no behind-the-scenes videos. (And that’s not an issue exclusive to this show, as the One Chicago series haven’t gotten bonus features on their sets for years, either.)

Amazon’s product page lists this as a four-disc set, but doesn’t provide any information about subtitles or foreign language support. It’s likely this release is similar to the One Chicago sets, which do have subtitles in English and French, but only provide an English audio track. There’s no support for Spanish or other languages.

Buy Law and Order SVU season 21 on DVD

You can get SVU season 21 on DVD now through Amazon. It’s currently priced at $34.98, and because this is a manufacture-on-demand title, there is a shipping delay of approximately 10 days after you order.

If you don’t need the physical copy, you should consider buying the digital season from Amazon Video. It’s a little bit cheaper ($33.99) and you can own it instantly, with all of the same content that is on the DVD. It just depends on if you prefer physical media or digital.

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