Chicago Fire season 9, episode 3 photos: Smash Therapy

Chicago Fire season 9, episode 3 photos.

This week’s Chicago Fire episode is also the midseason premiere, so it’s no surprise that it’s got a fair bit of action for One Chicago fans to look forward to!

Wednesday’s installment “Smash Therapy” is only the third episode of Chicago Fire season 9, but because the season started late due to delays caused by COVID-19, the midseason break came only two episodes in. That means this hour is technically the start of the second half of a season that’s just getting started.

What’s actually in the episode itself looks like exactly what fans have come to expect from the show after nine seasons. Most of the photos appear to be from the same rescue scene (which has become a trend with NBC‘s photo releases), keeping all of the firehouse busy. The aerial ladder will play a major part in this episode, based on these images and the previously released synopsis, so expect to see some literally high-flying drama.

Meanwhile, check out the photo of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) at a fire scene. Is it the inside of the same rescue scene or something different? Either way, it looks like Severide is doing some more investigating, which longtime One Chicago viewers know that he’s got a knack for. Could the fire of the week have something suspicious going on around it? If it does, Severide will get to the bottom of it.

Below are all of NBC’s officially released photos from this week’s episode. Take a look at what’s up next by scrolling through our gallery, and let us know what you think about these photos by going to the comments.

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