Chicago Fire season 9, episode 6 recap: Blow This Up Somehow

"Blow This Up Somehow" Episode 906 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
"Blow This Up Somehow" Episode 906 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /
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Chicago Fire
“Blow This Up Somehow” Episode 906 — Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey — (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

Confession time

When the show returns from commercial, it’s the next day and Mackey is still at Gallo’s apartment, implying the two slept together. Gallo asks what they are now; she says that she considers it “just fun.” But Gallo insists that no one at 51 can know so Cruz doesn’t find out and kill him. Mackey just leaves without agreeing, so…We all know this is going to come out, right?

Elsewhere, Severide and Casey are arguing over who looks worse. Kelly explains why he’s distancing himself from Stella and why he won’t tell her the truth. Casey tells him it’s a “high-risk gamble” to assume they can patch things up later. He also admits that he hasn’t gotten over the Brett of it all, and that being with anyone else “makes it worse.”

Segue to Brett and Mackey researching their seizure victim. Mackey suggests they reach out to other paramedics to see if the scammers hit anybody else. Gallo returns to 51 and talks to Boden, who says Gallo has the option to file a complaint against Casey, but he declines. Which is good because Casey is pretty much right behind him. Kylie tells Severide that Stella is upset and thinking of skipping out on the lieutenant’s exam; this makes Severide realize he’s made a big mistake.

Ambulance 61 is told to call into their alarm office because another ambulance just got what seems to be the exact same scam call. They rush to the scene and yep, it’s the same people. The two crash the call and confront the scammers as both the police and Colson roll up. The thieves are arrested, and Mackey is vindicated.

In the locker room Mouch’s big secret is revealed: he lost a bet to Trudy and now has his wife’s name tattooed somewhere that can’t be shown on television. Oh, and Gallo blurts out in front of Cruz that “it just happened,” causing Cruz to declare that he’s going to murder both Gallo and Mackey. A clueless Gianna thanks Brett for standing by her and listens to her partner saying she just wants Casey to be happy.

But Cruz crashes the conversation, so Brett walks off before Casey sits Gallo down and explains that he doesn’t want to lose him. “You robbed me of my accountability,” he says, “and that can’t happen again.” Gallo promises that it won’t and the two make up.

The same can also be said for Stella and Severide, who shows up to tell his girlfriend everything in hopes of getting her to take the lieutenant’s exam. Stella retorts that she doesn’t care what anyone else is saying and that she has a “built-in armor” from all the crap she’s taken her whole career. She’s angry that he wasn’t there to support her.

But Kelly says he knows how badly he screwed up and he won’t let her go again. After she corrects him that it’s the other way around, the two share a make-up kiss and a hug.

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