Chicago PD’s LaRoyce Hawkins age, height, Instagram: Everything to know about the Kevin Atwater actor

From the very first episode of Chicago PD, LaRoyce Hawkins has been a central part of the cast in his role as Officer Kevin Atwater. He’s appeared in more than 175 episodes across the One Chicago franchise and that’s a total that fans are hoping will only continue to grow as we can’t imagine the One Chicago franchise without Hawkins!

While Hawkins has appeared in a handful of titles over the years, there is no denying his role as Atwater has been his true standout role and one that has forever cemented his legacy both in the One Chicago franchise and beyond.

Today we’re celebrating the actor responsible for making Atwater one of Chicago PD‘s most beloved characters with a crash course on the actor behind the character!

LaRoyce Hawkins age

Hawkins was born on May 4, 1988, making him 33 as of 2021. His early May birthday makes him a Taurus, which seems fitting given Taurus are often described as being both kind and trustworthy — two qualities that Hawkins definitely seems to possess.

LaRoyce Hawkins height

At 6’3, Hawkins is one of the tallest members of the Chicago PD cast.

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LaRoyce Hawkins Instagram

Like many of his Chicago PD costars, LaRoyce Hawkins is indeed on Instagram where he’s built up a strong following of more than 500K followers.

As those who follow Hawkins on Instagram already know, the Chicago PD actor keeps an active profile on the social platform using his account to connect with fans by sharing sweet personal photos of his son, promoting his latest projects and offering up the occasional behind-the-scenes shot from the set of Chicago PD. 

To check out his account and give him a follow, click the link here.

LaRoyce Hawkins net worth

It is unclear what Hawkins’ exact net worth is, though Cheat Sheet reports the total to be between $1 and $11 million.

LaRoyce Hawkins roles

While Hawkins is best known for his role as Kevin Atwater on Chicago PD, Hawkins has appeared in a variety of projects over the years including guest spots on several series such as HBO’s Ballers. Additional roles include a multi-episode arc as Michael “Shaw” Owens in South Side and a starring role in 2020’s The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain.

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