Chicago Fire star Joe Minoso stuns fans with cryptic comment

"Try Like Hell" Episode 720 -- Pictured: Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)
"Try Like Hell" Episode 720 -- Pictured: Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC) /

Joe Minoso has left fans speechless with his cryptic comment on his Chicago Fire co-star Taylor Kinney‘s new Instagram image — a comment that has left many fans worried about what exactly it could mean for the actor’s future on the show.

To recap, as season 9 of Chicago Fire came to a close, the members of Squad found themselves trapped underwater without any air in their air tanks after a boat rescue gone wrong. The episode then cut to black, leaving the fates of  Severide (Kinney), Cruz (Minoso), Capp (Randy Flagler), and Tony (Anthony Ferraris) up in the air.

In the months that have followed, fans have been searching for any possible hint as to which members of Squad will survive. While many of the leaks from the set have seemed promising, Minoso’s reaction to a recently shared image of himself and his co-stars has many wondering whether Cruz could be in more danger than anticipated.

Joe Minoso hints at Chicago Fire exit on Instagram

On Aug. 19, Taylor Kinney shared a rare photo behind-the-scenes photo of his fellow Squadmates Joe Minoso, Randy Flagler and Anthony Ferraris. In the photo, the four actors are all smiles in the image as they huddle together in full costume with the Chicago skyline behind them.

In looking to keep an element of surprise, Kinney does not indicate whether the photo is one recently snapped on set or is an older image taken during a previous season simply captioning the photo, “Good Times.”

While the caption definitely adds to the mystery, it’s Minoso’s response to the photo which has left fans stunned and worried that perhaps Cruz won’t survive the ordeal after all

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“I miss this!!!’ Minoso wrote in reply to the photo, a response that has quickly sent fans into a frenzy with concerns about what the response could mean for Cruz’s future on the show. At the moment, the biggest concern is that Minoso’s response was a hint that perhaps he has left the show as the result of Cruz’s death

“Umm, why would you miss it if you’re still on the show? You better be there filming with them!!!! Don’t scare us, please!” one user best summed things up in expressing the concern over what Minoso’s cryptic reply could mean for his future on the show.

Who dies in Chicago Fire season 10?

So Joe Minoso leaving and should we be concerned over whether Cruz’s likelihood of surviving the boat recovery accident? At this time, the Chicago Fire team has not confirmed whether anyone will be exiting the show or dying in the premiere as a result of the season 9 cliffhanger.

That said, it’s looking unlikely any member of Squad will be leaving the show — despite what Minoso’s cryptic reply might hint. While the series has been known to shock fans with surprising deaths and corresponding exits, all signs seem to point towards Cruz and company surviving the accident.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until the season premiere on Sept. 22 to know for sure but the odds are looking good for our favorite quartet.

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