Is Voight leaving Chicago PD?

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) is the anchor of Chicago PD. He’s the immovable object that the other characters support, and his die-hard commitment to justice is what makes fans love him, even if he sometimes strays from the rules.

One of the biggest instances of Voight straying from the rules was when he agreed to cover up the murder of Roy in the season 8 finale. The veteran policeman had no problem smoothing over the specifics of what happened to the perpetrator, but now the FBI is launching an investigation into his disappearance.

Could this spell doom for Voight? Did he finally cross the line one too many times? Here’s our take on whether the character’s role on Chicago PD is in jeopardy.

Is Jason Beghe leaving Chicago PD?

Voight is not the most popular member of the CPD team right now. His pact to keep Roy’s death a secret has created tension between him and Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), who becomes more racked with guilt with each passing episode. It’s also led to problems with Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) as he blames Voight for what’s happening to Upton.

Jason Beghe has not commented on his future with Chicago PD, but thankfully showrunner Rick Eid has divulged key details that confirm the actor (and the character) aren’t going to be leaving the show.

Eid told TV Line that Voight is never going to follow the rules completely, nor will he break them completely. The character is always going to exist in the space between, with both sides of the coin being utilized to serve his own moral code. Season 9 is going to explore the dichotomy of Voight’s character at length, meaning he’s here to stay.

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“The events of the season finale showed how hard that change has been for [Voight], especially when circumstances test him to the extreme”, Eid revealed. “It’s something Voight will continue to grapple with. How does he fit into 2021? It’s a constant question.”

Another tipoff to Voight’s permanency is the fact that Eid shut down rumors of a romance between his character and Sam Miller (Nicole Ari Parker). Some fans theorized that a relationship was in the cards for the differently styled cops in season 8, but the showrunner stated that they are simply good friends.

Voight is going to remain the focal point of Chicago PD, regardless of what happens with the FBI investigation. We’re curious to see how the investigation informs his relationship with the rest of the team and his reputation.

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