Is there a new episode of Chicago Fire tonight? (Nov. 17, 2021)

Wednesday nights are all about One Chicago on NBC. What’s going on with the schedule tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 17? Is Chicago Fire on tonight?

We’re used to sitting down with our favorite snacks and drinks after dinner for a new episode of our favorite One Chicago shows. Chicago Fire sits snuggly in the middle, and there’s no doubt we look forward to it each and every week.

So, what’s going on this week? Is there a new episode of Chicago Fire season 10 on tonight, Wednesday, Nov. 17? Sadly, that’s a negative. The good news is we get a rerun at least.

Why isn’t Chicago Fire new tonight?

What’s with the break? This is likely linked to the pandemic. After all, we usually get the fall finales around this time of year. Yes, NBC tends to put its shows on an early break just before or around Thanksgiving.

That’s not happening this year. The previous episode was not a fall finale. There is still one more episode to come in 2021, but it’s not going to air until Wednesday, Dec. 8! That certainly suggests this three-week break is linked to the pandemic.

When does Chicago Fire return?

The pandemic protocols mean that it takes longer for episodes to film. We’ve not had a break in the One Chicago lineup since it premiered in September 2021. With shows like the FBIsOrdinary Joe, and ABC’s The Good Doctor taking the odd break here and there, we knew a One Chicago break was likely coming at some point.

The downside is we’re waiting three weeks for one episode. Then the show is going on a hiatus until the start of January. That’s only for one episode and then there’s another break until after the Winter Olympics. At least there should be enough time to film plenty of episodes to avoid breaks from March onward!

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC. Catch up the following day on Hulu.

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