Is Brett Dalton leaving Chicago Fire?

CHICAGO FIRE -- "An Officer with Grit" Episode 1014 -- Pictured: Brett Dalton at Jason Pelham -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "An Officer with Grit" Episode 1014 -- Pictured: Brett Dalton at Jason Pelham -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

Replacing a beloved original member of a long-running series is never an easy task; however, Brett Dalton somehow managed to make it seem effortless when he joined Chicago Fire as the replacement to Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey.

Fans were quick to take to Dalton’s character Jason Pelham, who settled in quite nicely at 51 and went from Truck 81’s temporary lieutenant to its official lieutenant within just a matter of episodes.

While there was some initial friction between Pelham and Gallo (Alberto Rosende), the two quickly buried the hatchet and Pelham has become a beloved member of the 51 family. Unfortunately, it seems as though his time at 51 could be nearing its end and that Brett Dalton might soon be leaving the Windy City.

Is Jason Pelham leaving Chicago Fire?

Although NBC has yet to officially announce Brett Dalton’s departure as Jason Pelham, all signs seem to point towards Dalton departing the show including a recent Instagram post from Dalton, newly shared behind-the-scenes photos and the synopsis for season 10, episode 15.

As we previously reported, in a series of behind-the-scenes set photos shared by a member of the creative team, Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) was pictured wearing a lieutenant shield upon her helmet. This coupled with Dalton’s absence in the handful of set photos, seemed to foreshadow a possible exit for the character.

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Days later, Dalton took to Instagram where he shared a beautiful shot of New York City which he used to drop some major career news.

“Yes, this is real. Yes, I was in NY. And hell yeah, you’ll see why on your TV soon. Fine, I’ll say it I [love] NY,” Dalton wrote in the caption of the image. While he did not specify the project, the announcement seemed to confirm he was working on a new series given the fact that Chicago Fire films in Chicago — not New York. Then came the release of the synopsis for season 10, episode 15, “The Missing Piece.”

In the synopsis, it’s noted that “Kidd searches for the right person to fill the open spot on Truck 81.” Given Pelham is Truck 81’s lieutenant, it would make sense for Pelham to be the one looking to fill any vacancies; however, it’s Kidd who is mentioned instead.

When you add everything up, it seems clear Pelham’s time at 51 is limited and it’s quite possible episode 14 will be his final episode with the show — at least for the time being.

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