Is a new episode of Chicago Fire on tonight? (April 27)

With the Chicago Fire season 10 finale date set for the end of May, we knew a break had to happen. That break starts this week, Wednesday, April 27.

You read that right. There isn’t going to be a new episode of Chicago Fire season 10 on tonight. It’s not all that surprising considering NBC warned us with the “promo” for the next episode. That doesn’t stop it from being disappointing, though.

There is a little bit of good news. We will at least get to see a rerun of the series. We’re heading back to the seventh hour of the season, titled “Whom Shall I Fear?” This episode sees Pelham step in as the temporary lieutenant for Firehouse 51, and Gallo doesn’t like the guy.

Why isn’t a new episode of Chicago Fire on tonight?

The lack of new episode is most likely linked to scheduling. There could be some pandemic delays involved, but we did expect a break due to the season finale date that is set. There aren’t enough episodes left in the season for the weeks left to the finale date on Wednesday, May 25.

This is pretty standard this time of year. It’s just made a little more annoying because of the way the schedule has been so on-off this year.

When will new episodes of Chicago Fire return?

We’re going to get a new episode back on Wednesday, May 11. This means it’s a two-week break, but it does mean some good news. There won’t be another break this season.

We’re getting a full 22-episode season this year, with the 22nd episode airing in May 25. When the series returns from this break, there are three weeks to run the episodes.

Even better news is that we can go into the final three episodes not fearing the future of the series. Don’t worry about not hearing anything from NBC this year about it. We already knew the series was renewed through to season 11. It’s next year we’ll need to be concerned.

Chicago Fire is currently available to stream on Hulu and Peacock.