Chicago Fire: Casey’s return is not going to sit well with SPOILER

CHICAGO FIRE -- "No Survivors" Episode 916 -- Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "No Survivors" Episode 916 -- Pictured: Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

Casey (Jesse Spencer) is back! The beloved firefighter will be making his way back to Chicago Fire to serve as the best man for the upcoming Stellaride wedding. It’s a return that’s been teased ever since the character left the show, and one that fans are eagerly anticipating.

That said, the excitement hasn’t extended to the other characters on the show. Casey’s return will lead to some tension with another beloved character, which will no doubt add a layer of drama to an already drama-filled storyline.

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming season finale and which characters are going to be butting heads.

Casey bumps heads with Cruz in the season 10 finale

Fire showrunner Derek Haas revealed that Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) is not going to be thrilled to see Casey return from his current residence in Oregon. The reason behind the unhappiness is that Cruz was handpicked to serve as the best man for Severide (Taylor Kinney)– but only in the event that Casey couldn’t be present. Well, as Haas confirmed to Deadline, Casey will be present, and Cruz is going to feel slighted.

"“Cruz is not happy, of course. Severide was his best man when Cruz got married and now he’s been relegated to second-best man”, the showrunner reasoned. “That’s going to be fun.”"

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Cruz has been through lots of changes throughout season 10, including the early season crisis he faced after he nearly died and lost his nerve for fighting fires. The character has grown a lot since the birth of his son Brian and the adoption of Javi, so it’ll be intriguing to see him struggling with his less mature side.

Casey and Cruz usually got along, and so Cruz will likely have to come to terms with the fact that Casey and Severide’s bond is important for both men. It may have even grown in importance since Casey left, since they see each other much less often. Cruz gets to hang out with Severide all the time, so hopefully he’ll come to realize the bigger picture and support the latter’s decision.

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