Chicago Med season 7 finale to feature ‘enormous surprise’

"And Now We Come To The End" Episode 722 -- Pictured: Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)
"And Now We Come To The End" Episode 722 -- Pictured: Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC) /

If there is one thing Chicago Med fans have grown accustomed to, it’s season finales that pack quite a powerful punch with cliffhangers that leave them talking all summer long.

Just last year in the season 6 finale, Ethan was shot by one of Dean’s former patients which resulted in him undergoing a complicated surgery that left him sidelined and with Dean to run the ED. That same episode also left Halstead’s future up in the air after he was fired in the closing moments of the season after taking the fall for Natalie’s actions in meddling with the drug trial.

Past finales have brought shocking deaths, heartbreaking breakups and even an engagement with the one common thread each finale has shared being surprise twists that left fans speechless. And it seems that trend is going to continue with the season 7 finale!

Chicago Med season 7 finale will leave fans speechless

“Fans will not be disappointed,” Chicago Med star Steven Weber promised of the upcoming season 7 finale in a recent interview with One Chicago Center.

“On the one hand, it very beautifully and movingly wraps up some stories that we’ve been watching, most notably, the one involving Ethan (Brian Tee). There are some hints about my character and my storyline, which are being teased at interestingly. And also without giving it away. There was going to be a pretty enormous surprise.”

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While Weber was unable to say too much about the surprise the writers have planned for the season finale, he assured us fans are going to be left speechless and with quite a lot to digest as the episode comes to a close.

“There’s going to be a big impact, something big is going to happen that is going to make people jump out of their Barca loungers and say, ‘Whoa, Whoa, ha.’ People are just gonna lose the power of articulate speech, and they’re just gonna be grunting for about 20 minutes after it’s over and they won’t know what to do.”

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