Who died in Chicago Med season 7?

"And Now We Come To The End" Episode 722 -- Pictured: Brian Tree as Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)
"And Now We Come To The End" Episode 722 -- Pictured: Brian Tree as Ethan Choi -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC) /

Chicago Med season 7 was quite a transitional year for the long-running medical drama with the season ending up being quite a revolving door of cast comings and goings.

As the season began, Med bid farewell to two key members of the show’s ensemble when Torrey DeVitto and Yaya DaCosta departed after six seasons as Dr. Natalie Manning and Nurse April Sexton.

Their exits set the stage for a variety of new additions including Guy Lockard, Michael Rady, Kristen Hager and Sarah Rafferty, though even these new additions seemed to come and go with Hager’s character departing halfway through the season and Rady’s role declining sharply as the season went by.

Some might say the season was a bloodbath when it came to cast departures thanks to the many casting changes that occurred this season, which is why readers might be surprised when they see the actual number of characters who met their end in season 7.

Chicago Med season 7 deaths

Although there were a lot of cast shake-ups going on in season 7 of Chicago Med, there was actually only one key death that occurred this year: the death of Ethan’s father, Patrick Choi.

In the twelfth episode of the season, Ethan attempts to reconcile with his father which is when he discovered his dad has a brain tumor and doesn’t have long to live. When Ethan attempts to have an emotional heart-to-heart with his father, he pushes him away and sends him off to take care of an errand. Sadly, while Ethan is away, his father passes away.

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The death of Ethan’s father was the season’s most notable death and the only death this season to involve a key character. We say key character as the season did feature additional deaths, but those instances all came via patient-of-the-week stories and did not involve any major or recurring characters.

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