Chicago PD: Patrick John Flueger teases Burzek future

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Home Safe" Episode 910 -- Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)
CHICAGO P.D. -- "Home Safe" Episode 910 -- Pictured: Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC) /

Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) had a taxing season 9 on Chicago Fire. The character had to deal with the near-death of Burgess (Marina Squerciati), the kidnapping of Makayla (Ramona Edith Williams) and a disillusionment with police work on the whole.

While the tragedies that befell the characters in the season finale had little to do with Ruzek (the guy deserved a break), there’s still lots of unresolved facets to his character. The biggest facet, of course, is what his future relationship with Burgess is going to look like.

Flueger shed some light on the character during a recent interview with TV Insider.

Did Ruzek and Burgess break up on Chicago PD?

While the actor was hesitant to spill any specific details, he did delve into the psychology of Ruzek and where he stands with Burgess. He cites Ruzek’s decision to move Burgess and Makayla into his house, despite him not being a direct part of their lives at the moment.

"“Him offering the house, honestly, I don’t think that that had anything to do with them as much as it had to do with the kid”, the actor opined. “She’s not ever gonna have his last name. She’s not ever gonna be his, probably at least right now, but maybe he could give some part of his life, some part of himself to her, which is this house that meant so much to him.”"

While it’s not the most hopeful reading of the situation, in terms of what Ruzek wants, it does suggest some major growth on his part as a character. Ruzek’s actions throughout season 9 saw him struggle with his ability control himself, and factor in the well-being of others (despite his best intentions).

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Ruzek’s decision to prioritize Burgess and Makayla suggests that there’s still a lot to unravel when it comes to the dynamic between all three characters. Growth on one person’s part is going to have to beget growth elsewhere.

"“Ruzek’s proposed to her, I don’t know, 972 times, so I think the writing’s on the wall”, Flueger added, when asked about the Burzek romance in season 10. “I think the guy respects what she’s doing, respects her need to make sure that the kid has what’s best for the kid.”"

While the chances of seeing Ruzek and Burgess together as a couple look slim, at least for the immediate future, season 10 is poised to have some major character-building moments between them. And, as the saying goes, its about the journey not the destination.

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