Chicago Med season 8: Will Steven Weber return as Dean Archer?

Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber) is a polarizing figure on Chicago Med. While he’s good at what he does, and has plenty of witticisms, he’s often rude to the other members of the Gaffney team and prioritizes his own career.

Still, the show would feel incomplete were it not for Archer’s hard-earned, often satisfying respect for his fellow doctors. He’s been a constant presence since season 6, but he was technically billed as a recurring player at first.

Will Archer continue to play a huge role in Med season 8?

Did Archer leave Chicago Med?

He sure will. Deadline confirmed that Steven Weber, the actor who plays Archer, has re-upped his contract with Chicago Med in order to return for season 8. Technically, he’s the only cast member who has been contractually confirmed to be appearing (though we know that the rest of the cast will follow suit).

In addition to re-upping his contract, the outlet reported that Weber will continue to be credited as a series regular. He was promoted to regular during season 7, and the feedback has been so good that the showrunners decided to keep it going.

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Narratively, it’ll be intriguing to see the power struggle continue between Archer and Ethan Choi (Brian Tee). The latter has been missing in action due to various injuries, and one such injury was agitated by Archer (indirect though it may have been). It’s clear that Archer has enjoyed running things his own way, and Choi’s return is absolutely going to cause some tension.

There’s also Archer’s skepticism towards Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram). He’s keenly aware of her drug addict past, and while he’s been impressed by her recovery and new outlook, there seems to be a part of him that’s suspicious. Expect to see Archer keeping a close watch on Asher, in the event that she slip up.

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