How old is Will Halstead on Chicago Med?

What’s the deal with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss)? We’ve already done a deep dive on the confusion surrounding his relationship with his brother Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer), but some may still be perplexed as to the age of the Chicago Med mainstay.

He has the demeanor and attitude of a younger brother, and truth to form, he was mentioned as the little brother when he first appeared alongside Jay. The more time has passed though, the less clear their age dynamic has become. How old is Med‘s favorite physician?

The answer exists, its just a little confusing.

How old is Nick Gehlfuss on Chicago Med?

The age of the Halstead brothers has been one of the most notable changes in the entire One Chicago franchise. The writers are usually good about keeping to the facts and character bios they established earlier in the show, but at some point it was decided that the ages of the two Halstead boys would flip.

As of 2022, Jay is the younger brother and Will is the older brother. Soffer tweeted out: “Will is older on TV. Jesse is older in real life”, confirming the odd discrepancy between the actors who play the characters and the characters themselves.

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So what is Will Halstead’s exact age? Well, the actor who plays him, Nick Gehlfuss, is 37, which makes him a year older than Soffer. The general rule of thinking when it comes to the Halsteads though, is that the ages of these two men are simply flipped in the universe of the show.

So, that makes Jay Halstead 37 and Will Halstead 38. Simple, yet confusing. Nick Gehlfuss hasn’t commented on the confusion surrounding these ages, but there’s always a chance the writers could go back and flip them once again to reflect the actors’ ages more accurately.

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