What’s next for Blake Gallo in Chicago Fire season 11?

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Finish What You Started" Episode 1019 -- Pictured: Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Finish What You Started" Episode 1019 -- Pictured: Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC) /

Blake Gallo started a business and tried to find love in Chicago Fire season 10. What’s coming for him in Chicago Fire season 11?

When it comes to new characters, Blake Gallo immediately made an impression. He’s a risk-taker, but he does it all in the hope that he can save lives. He has learned not to take so many risks over the seasons, but it doesn’t stop him doing whatever he can to save people.

Chicago Fire season 10 also gave us some focus on his personal life. As one of the newer firefighters, he connected quickly with Ritter. Of course, he also had history with Violet, and it wasn’t surprising to see the three form a business together.

Then there was Gallo’s romantic life. We initially got the will-they-won’t-they with Violet, and then the series focused more on just having Gallo try to protect Violet in any way possible. As we enter a new season, we want to know what’s to come next for him.

What will happen to Blake Gallo in Chicago Fire season 11?

There are going to be plenty of fans out there who would like to see Gallo and Violet finally get together. That’s probably not the case this season, at least at the start. We know Violet and Hawkins are still together at the start of the season, but it’s not clear how long they will remain that way.

Is it possible that Gallo and Violet can be one of the successful couples on the series? I wouldn’t be surprised in Emma returned, so we should see Gallo at least continue to protect Violet’s job. That could mean the two find their way to each other.

However, I’d like to see more of the microbrewery business. The trio had started so well with that, and then it all seemed to crash and burn. Nothing was even mentioned about it toward the end of season 10, but would all three of them just give up on something that was so successful at first? Hopefully, we’ll see more of that business venture during the new season.

We should also see more of Gallo’s focus on saving lives. He is willing to put his own life on the line, and he feels bad when the saves don’t work out the way he planned. Could we see him learn to find a balance between saving lives and taking risks in Chicago Fire season 11? We’ve seen some over the years, but there’s still more potential for growth.

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What would you like to see for Gallo in Chicago Fire season 11? Which of his storylines has been most important for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chicago Fire season 11 premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9/8c on NBC. Catch up the following day on Peacock.