Nick Gehlfuss says Jesse Lee Soffer exit will leave a ‘void’

"Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In" Episode 704 -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC)
"Status Quo, aka The Mess We’re In" Episode 704 -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead -- (Photo by: George Burns Jr/NBC) /

The news that Jesse Lee Soffer is leaving Chicago PD has been a tough one for fans, but it’s been even tougher on the cast. Several of his PD cohorts have already released statements wishing him the best, but now his onscreen brother, Nick Gehlfuss, has talked about seeing Soffer go.

The actor plays Dr. Will Halstead, the sibling of Soffer’s Jay Halstead, and the duo have developed a friendship offscreen as well as on. He recently sat down with Today to promote the upcoming seasons of both Med and PD, and he discussed what the franchise will look like moving forward.

Are both of the Halstead brothers still on One Chicago?

Gehlfuss recalled playing his first scene with Soffer, and how the actor helped to show him the ropes within the larger One Chicago universe. “I’ll never forget that”, he recalled. “It was a little intimidating for me when this all started. He took me under his wing.”

Furthermore, Gehlfuss points to the fact that Soffer will remain in his life and in the lives of the friends he’s made during his decade on Chicago PD.

"“It was surprising to hear that he’s leaving. There will be a void”, he remarked. “But that’s the nature of this industry, and that’s just what happens. I will certainly miss him. But we have a relationship to carry outside of all this that we will.”"

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Gehlfuss and Soffer only shared a handful of appearances together on One Chicago, including memorable turns in each of the franchise’s crossover events. They haven’t gotten to be onscreen together in a couple years, due to the fact that a planned crossover event for 2021 was pushed back.

It’s unclear exactly when Soffer will leave Chicago PD, but rumors of an impending crossover event has us all hoping that it will happen while the actor is still part of the show’s ensemble. It would be great to see one last adventure with the Halstead brothers.

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