Chicago PD: New set photos hint at shocking Halstead return

CHICAGO P.D. -- "A Good Man" Episode 1003 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)
CHICAGO P.D. -- "A Good Man" Episode 1003 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead, -- (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC) /

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) is gone… right? Chicago PD made it pretty clear that the veteran cop had turned in his badge and high-tailed it to Bolivia after deciding that he was done trying to play the city’s corrupt game.

He left with a tentative return date in mind (8 months), but a recent behind-the-scenes photo has some fans scratching their head. Why, you might ask? Well, because it appears that Halstead is back and in the background.

What does it all mean? Is it really him?? Let’s break it down.

Is Jesse Lee Soffer returning to Chicago PD?

The photo in question came from the Instagram story of Chicago PD hairstylist, Unwana Rose, and while it seems to be a fun glimpse at the set, eagle-eyed followers decided to zoom in and double check who was standing around behind Rose. One of the actors bore a striking resemblance to the man we all know as Jesse Lee Soffer. Like, a striking resemblance.

So what gives? Is the character suddenly back in the mix, despite telling Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) that he’ll be fighting drug cartels in South America? Well, not exactly. There are a few reasons that could explain Soffer’s presence in the photo, if it is in fact him.

The first is that Soffer was merely visiting the set. He’s developed close friendships with the cast and crew of Chicago PD over the past decade, so it would make sense that he wanted to drop by and support them during a shoot (especially if it was nearby).

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There’s the possibility that Soffer could be returning for a flashback, so that we could get more context about his character’s decision to leave the Windy City. PD isn’t known for its flashbacks, which makes this theory unlikely, but it can’t be completely ruled out.

Some fans have pointed out that PD generally shoots ahead, so if Halstead were to return as a character in the season 10 finale, or make a brief cameo late in the season, then it would make sense that he’s on the set currently. Based on the general scheduling for Chicago PD, it should be wrapping up its finale pretty soon.

The least exciting theory is that the photo is merely throwing us for a loop, and that the man in the background isn’t Soffer. The photo is too grainy to be able to say one way or the other, but it really does look uncannily like Soffer if it’s not him.

Do you think we will get to see Halstead return soon or is the photo getting our hopes up?

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