Jon Seda teases Chicago PD return on social media

LA BREA -- "The Hunt" Episode 103 -- Pictured: Jon Seda as Dr. Samuel Valez -- (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC)
LA BREA -- "The Hunt" Episode 103 -- Pictured: Jon Seda as Dr. Samuel Valez -- (Photo by: Sarah Enticknap/NBC) /

Who doesn’t love Antonio Dawson? The character was a staple during the first run of Chicago PD, and he was front-and-center in several of the show’s best moments. It was tough to see him go, but the actor who plays him, Jon Seda, has continued to have a stellar career on the small screen.

Seda is currently starring in the science fiction drama La Brea, and while he’s amassed a brand new following as a result, it’s clear he hasn’t forgotten about his One Chicago roots. The actor tweeted out a joke that immediately got both fanbases excited.

Is Jon Seda coming back to Chicago PD?

The tweet in question was a response to a fan who said that they wanted to see Dawson return to Chicago PD during the Christmas season. The initial tweet tagged Seda and the studio behind the magic, Dick Wolf Productions.

Seda’s response was obviously in good fun, but he did get lots of attention for it either way. He made reference to the portals that play a huge role in the La Brea storyline, and suggested that maybe one of the portals lead him back to Chicago, instead of a primeval land.

Seda’s willingness to engage with Chicago PD fans is nothing new. The actor recently posed for a photo with another One Chicago alum, Jesse Spencer. Both men were in Australia at the time, as La Brea shoots many of its scenes there and Spencer is a native, so they decided to post photos and collectively blow the minds of the OCC fanbase.

While the notion of a portal connecting Seda’s La Brea character and Dawson sound cosmically awesome, it’s obvious that no such thing will happen. It’s been several years since Dawson last appeared on Chicago PD, and given how busy the actor is with his current show, we aren’t expecting him to return anytime soon.

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