Who died in the Chicago Fire season 11 fall finale? (SPOILERS)

The fall finale of Chicago Fire went out with a bang. Figuratively and literally. Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) were tasked with removing a live explosive from a cop’s leg, knowing at any moment the explosive could detonate.

It was a hair-raising scene, even though it had been teased in the promos leading up to its airing. The tension going on outside of the crime, which saw Severide (Taylor Kinney) be forced to sit back and watch as his wife risked her life, was juxtaposed with the uncertainty over how to best help the cop on the inside.

Did Sam Carver die on Chicago Fire?

The pained movements of the cop made it tough to remove the explosive at first, but Stella kept at it, insisting to Carver and the rest of the team that they needed to act fast or risk having the victim bleed out before their eyes.

Eventually, they managed to remove the explosive, but it armed itself almost immediately, forcing them to toss towards a corner of the house and hide behind a plywood table. The explosion was a devastating sight (especially from Severide’s point of view), and the episode ends before the dust from the explosion has settled.

So what happened? Who died and who didn’t? Well, for starters, the chances of the cop making it out of the house alive are slim. He had already lost a lot of blood, and despite seemingly going into shock from the pain, it’s tough to tell whether he will be recovered and rushed to a medic in time to do any good. He didn’t officially die, but things aren’t looking good for when the show comes back.

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As for Stella and Carver, we’re confident they will make it out alive. Granted they will probably have some injuries as a result of taking an explosion that close, but that’s nothing compared to the damage that would have occurred had it exploded a few seconds earlier.

Shockingly, despite the high-stakes situation and the cliffhanger finale, no one conclusively died in the fall finale. Hopefully the good luck streak of the 51 will continue as Chicago Fire looks forward to 2023.

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