3 Chicago Fire characters who are most likely to die in 2023

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Nemesis" Episode 1109 -- Pictured: Jake Lockett as Carver -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Nemesis" Episode 1109 -- Pictured: Jake Lockett as Carver -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC) /

Chicago Fire is not a show that you can make assumptions about. Just when you start to feel like a character is untouchable, they get taken out in shocking fashion. It’s dramatically exciting, but also logical, given how dangerous the situations the 51 team get put into.

The show is sharp as ever heading into 2023, so we thought it’d be a good time to sift through the current roster of characters and determine which of them is most likely to get killed off before the end of the season.

Major spoilers, if we happen to be right!

Is Seth Pryma going to die on Chicago Fire?

Seth Pryma (Troy Winbush) is not in a good spot. In the season 11 fall finale, his character was impaled through the leg with a bomb, and while it was removed, it detonated only a few feet away from him. To make matters worse, Pryma was losing a lot of blood before the bomb was removed, and it looked as though he passed out before the removal was successful.

Between the blood loss, the loss of consciousness, and the fact that he was unconscious during a pretty massive explosion, Pryma is near the top of our list when it comes to determining if people are going to make it out of 2023 in one piece.

Is Sam Carver going to die on Chicago Fire?

Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) is still a bit of an enigma. He’s pulled some interesting dynamics from Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), and watching them move past their differences and learn to work with each other has been one of the highlights of season 11, but it still feels as though he could get the axe at any point.

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Carver hasn’t quite gelled with the 51 in a way that would make him essential, so from a dramatic standpoint it would be effective to have him killed off instead of any of the main cast members. A Carver death would also greatly affect Kidd. We’re warming to him more and more, so we don’t necessarily hope this happens.

Is Emma Jacobs going to die on Chicago Fire?

This one feels like it could go either way. Emma Jacobs (Caitlin Carver) was a loathsome villain in season 10, but her return in season 11 showed a side of her that was fair and willing to play ball with the 51 team. Granted, it could be a gambit to put them at ease so she can get back at them later, but it could also be a case of Jacobs trying to make amends for what she did.

If, for some reason, Jacobs were to be killed off in an effort to help the 51, then it would provide a fantastic and unexpected arc for her character. It would also greatly complicate the way that Violet (Hanako Greensmith) would feel about her, which would lead to its own interesting story beats.

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