How did Sam Carver get his scar on Chicago Fire?

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Nemesis" Episode 1109 -- Pictured: Jake Lockett as Carver -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Nemesis" Episode 1109 -- Pictured: Jake Lockett as Carver -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC) /

Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) is slowly winning us over. He initially seemed like an arrogant fit for the Chicago Fire crew, and his constant butting heads with Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) supported it. He has proven to be a worthwhile firefighter, however, and what came off as arrogance may have just been a desire to prove himself.

Carver earned his stripes after he survived a massive explosion in the episode “Something for the Pain.” He was in the house alongside Stella when it went down, and yet still managed to walk out of there on his own.

The incident, while harrowing, shed light on a little-discussed tidbit about Carver: his massive scar. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Did Carver survive the explosion on Chicago Fire?

Carver’s scar was first seen in the first episode of season 11. He’s asked about in episode 2, but Stella calls him out for lying about its origin. It hadn’t been brought up again since, but the thread was reintroduced in the latest episode when Stella recovered from the house explosion and found that Carver was behaving strangely around her.

Stella says that her mind keeps coming back to the explosion, and how the scar she now has on her side is a constant reminder, to which Carver replies, “Scars are good for that.”

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The character then tells a horrific story from his childhood. He recounts a Fourth of July party where he older brother, a “bully”, snuck up behind him and pushed him straight into a bonfire.

Carver goes on to explain that he dragged himself out of the flames, and that he’ll “never forget the hell of that pain.” To add insult to injury, his older brother had ran and told everyone that Carver had fallen in accidentally, and that he saved him.

“No one believed my version, what actually happened…because that’s too insane”, he added. “Why would a 15-year-old kid do that to his own little brother, right? I must be lying.” It’s a tough story to get through, but it adds immeasurable depth to the character and the reason he chooses to fight fires for a living.

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