Will Severide get seriously injured on Chicago Fire?

The theories continue. Chicago Fire has a double countdown going on: the first one pertaining to its return on February 15, and the second pertaining to the exit of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). The character is going to be offscreen for a while, and the show has yet to reveal what will cause this (in world).

Some have theorized that Severide could go visit Casey (Jesse Spencer), or embrace his talent for arson investigation and go to work for the OFI. There’s also the going belief that Severide will get seriously injured on the job, and that will keep him out of the 51 for the necessary amount of time.

When is Taylor Kinney leaving Chicago Fire?

There are some definite benefits to this theory. For one, it would make complete sense why he would be out of commission. Severide getting injured and having to stay home to recover would mean that the writers could keep in the world of the characters without showing up.

Any questions or concerns about his well-being could be answered by Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), who would presumably be taking care of him when she’s not on the clock. The scenario may even help the couple get over the spat they had a few weeks back, when they questioned whether they could work with each other.

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It’s worth noting that Severide has never been seriously injured on the job. Sure, he’s taken a few bumps and bruises over ten seasons, but never in the way that some of his peers have, which is to say, to a point where he’s permanently affected. An injury in season 11 might even be a good way to illustrate that the character is getting older.

The only real hiccup with this theory is that Fire just recently did something similar with Kidd. She was hit with shrapnel after trying to diffuse a bomb, and she underwent surgery as a result. She also voiced a lingering trauma after she recovered, and alluded to a permanent scar on her side.

Sadly, it might seem a little redundant to run out the same storyline so soon after.

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