Chicago Fire reveals mysterious reason for Severide leaving

CHICAGO FIRE -- "Every Scar Tells a Story" Episode 1102 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Every Scar Tells a Story" Episode 1102 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC) /

Chicago Fire has finally started to drop hints. Severide (Taylor Kinney) is leaving soon, and tons of speculation as arisen as when, why and how he’ll be doing it. Fortunately, the episode “Run Like Hell” has laid the groundwork for what looks to be an answer.

While most of the episode focuses on Severide and Mouch (Christian Stolte) helping with an arson investigation, the real important stuff occurs at the end, when the former is joined by his wife Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) at Molly’s Pub.

Why is Severide leaving Chicago Fire?

Kidd mentions a previous exchange that was had offscreen, and asks what’s going on. Instead of answering aloud, Severide hands her a phone with a message on it– presumably from Van Meter (Tim Hooper). “Wow”, she says after reading it. “What are you going to do?” The episode fades to black before Severide answers.

Now, as a refresher, Van Meter is a Commander and Arson investigator for the Chicago Fire Department’s Office of Fire Investigation (OFI). He’s in charge of any and all fires that may have been caused by arson. Severide is pretty familiar with him at this point, having spent multiple episodes working alongside him at OFI’s Wendy Seager (Andy Allo).

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All signs point to Van Meter asking Severide to help out at the OFI, and step away from the 51 for an extended period of time. It’s something that was hinted at in an earlier season 11 episode, as Van Meter popped then, but his reemergence here, and the dramatic emphasis put on it, makes it seem as though it’s important.

While the notion of Severide being gone is still a tough one to grapple with, having the character work with the OFI is about as good a solution as any. It would mean that he’s doing something he already has a talent for, so it makes sense why he’d be called upon, and it would likely take place in the Windy City, based on the jurisdiction of the organization. That means that the character will be close by, even if we don’t get a chance to see him.

While there are still some details to be worked out, like why Captain Van Meter needs Severide in particular, and how long the firefighter will be away from the 51, this is all but certainly the reason that Severide will be leaving.

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