Chicago Fire: Are Carver and Wendy Seager dating?

Well, nobody saw this coming. The latest episode of Chicago Fire marked the exit of Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), but it also marked the start of a relationship/romance/hooking up that seemed to come out of nowhere.

We’re talking, of course, about Sam Carver (Jake Lockett) and Wendy Seager (Andy Allo). Seager returned to the 51 for an investigation, and Carver offered to help out. There was implied sparks right off the bat between, but we assumed it would be something teased out over several other episodes.

Who is Seager dating on Chicago Fire?

Nope. By the halfway point of the episode, Carver is waking up next to Seager after what looks to be a night of hooking up. “It’s not my fault I didn’t make it home,” Seager says jokingly. “Maybe if you weren’t so distracting and fun.”

This subplot was both expected and unexpected. Lockett has teased the possibility of Carver having a romance in season 11, and he even went as far as to suggest that it was going to be with an established character.

“It makes sense that there would be, and I hope there is”, he told NBC. “I think that’s always a fun piece to have with a character and explore. So, I hope so.” Seager fits the bill, but its a credit to the Chicago Fire writers that it still felt pretty surprising to discover.

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The shift to Carver and Seager being an item, at least in an unofficial capacity, suggests a clean slate for the latter. Seager had been tied so closely to Severide in previous seasons, and with him gone, it was smart to have her strike out on her own and develop a separate storyline.

We have no clue where things will go. Carver and Seager don’t seem like an obvious pairing: one is temperamental and loud, the other quiet and methodical. Regardless of what happens, though, we are excited.

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