He’s back! Jesse Spencer will return to Chicago Fire S11

We definitely didn’t see this coming. After a rough couple seasons of Chicago Fire, in which fans saw the departure of several main characters, it has been confirmed that one of them is coming back. Which, you might ask? Matthew Casey.

The character, played by Jesse Spencer, will folded back into the storyline in season 11. This raises tons of questions, including how the writers will do it, and why they are doing it, but the first thing that should be said is that it’s a very exciting development.

Is Casey coming back to Chicago Fire season 11?

Variety broke the news on March 9, shortly after Fire parted ways with another series anchor, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney). Severide and Casey were the co-leads of the show for its first ten seasons, so the notion of going on without either of them was daunting. Now, Fire doesn’t have to.

While Spencer has yet to issue a statement on his return, we can safely infer that he is being brought back to smooth over the absence of Kinney’s character. It makes sense from a tactical standpoint– the prestige and attention that Casey’s comeback will receive will make it much easier to overlook the fact that Severide is in another state.

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It’s not a complete shock that Casey is coming back, given that he returned for the season 10 finale and has made vocal cameos via phone calls, but it does raise some questions about his life while he was gone. Is he done raising the Darden boys? Are they going to come back to Chicago with him, or is Casey only in the Windy City for a limited time?

It’s early to begin answering these questions, and it’s not even clear whether the writers have concocted a reason for Casey to show back up. Either way, the news has really elevated the excitement over what Chicago Fire has up its sleeve for the rest of season 11.

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