Real-life firefighters praise Chicago Fire: ‘It represents us well’

Chicago Fire kicked off the modern obsession with firefighting shows, and it’s a testament to its quality that it remains one of the most cited and praised by real-life practitioners. Dick Wolf, the show’s creator, made a point of adhering to accuracy whenever possible, and it has been noted by firefighters who both work on the show and watch it casually.

Wolf is also producing LA Fire & Rescue, which focuses on the real-life firefighters who work in Los Angeles. The show is posed as a reality show alternative to hits like Chicago Fire, but that doesn’t mean they are independent of each other. LA Fire & Rescue stars discussed the impact that Chicago Fire has had on them during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Is LA Fire & Rescue based on real life?

Captain Mike Carolan told the outlet that while the show can sometimes cut corners with real-life accuracy, Chicago Fire has done a lot of good for the firefighting profession.

“For us to do the job day to day, that’s not how it goes,” he explained. “But it represents us well. It represents fire service. People enjoy the show. So it brings fans in when you drive down the street and people are waving. We have a great relationship with the public. And that goes all the way throughout the nation.”

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In addition to having the same producer and network as Chicago Fire, LA Fire & Rescue has had promotional help from Chicago Fire‘s David Eigenberg. The actor, who has played Herrmann for over a decade, praised the new reality show for being able to delve into things that scripted TV isn’t able to.

“We can’t show certain stuff, and these guys are going to,”  he told TV Line. “And you’re going to see some stuff that is going to show the best in humanity and all these men and women.”

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