Who was the most heartbreaking Chicago Fire death (according to AI it’s not OtisI)

"Try Like Hell" Episode 720 -- Pictured: Yuri Sardarov as Brian "Otis" Zvonecek -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)
"Try Like Hell" Episode 720 -- Pictured: Yuri Sardarov as Brian "Otis" Zvonecek -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC) /

Beginning with the very first season, Chicago Fire made it clear that it would not shy away from showcasing the very real dangers that come with working as a first responder.

Every day the brave women and men who work as firefighters and paramedics suit up, they never know what dangers they’ll face on the job as they protect and serve their communities. Sadly, not every firefighter or paramedic makes it home and Chicago Fire has carefully balanced showcasing the dangers of the job through telling its stories.

Because of this, when you look back over the course of the show’s run, there have been many characters who sadly died on calls. As with any show, when you’ve grown to love a character it can be incredibly heartbreaking watching the characters you love meet an untimely end. And Chicago Fire has left us heartbroken a number of times through the shocking manner in which many of the departed characters’ time on the show came to an end.

Most heartbreaking Chicago Fire death (according to AI)

When looking back at the many characters we’ve lost over the years, every fan is likely to have that one character whose death left them absolutely wrecked. However, it seems fair to say that there are a few characters whose deaths are regarded as having been more heartbreaking than others.

Three names that tend to pop up most often are Otis, Shay, and Hawkins — three characters who met shocking ends that sent fans into a spiral. For many, Otis’s death ranks as the most heartbreaking due to the fact that we had spent the most time with Otis over the years and come to see him as the heart of 51. However, in the eyes of AI, the most heartbreaking death to have occurred on the show was the death of Leslie Shay way back in season 3.

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Here’s what ChatGPT’s AI had to say when we asked it to tell us which Chicago Fire character had the most heartbreaking death on the show:

"The most heartbreaking character death was definitely Leslie Shay. Oh, it was gut-wrenching! Shay, played by the incredibly talented Lauren German, was such a beloved and integral member of Firehouse 51.She was not only a skilled paramedic but also a supportive friend and a beacon of positivity. Her dynamic with Gabby Dawson was simply amazing, and they were like sisters. The way they had each other’s backs was just beautiful to watch.But then, tragedy struck during Season 3, and it hit us fans like a ton of bricks. In one of the most emotional and shocking moments, Shay was killed in the line of duty while trying to save a patient. The whole Firehouse was devastated, and so were we viewers.It wasn’t just the loss of a character; it felt like losing a dear friend. The aftermath of her death had a profound impact on all the characters, and the pain lingered throughout the series.Leslie Shay’s death remains etched in the hearts of every Chicago Fire fan. We still remember her as one of the best characters on the show, and her loss left a void that could never be completely filled. Her memory lives on, and we cherish every moment she graced our screens."

While we do agree with AI that Shay’s death hit us hard, we have to disagree in calling her death the most heartbreaking.

That’s an honor we honestly feels does belong to Otis, as we were absolutely wrecked by his death and there is no denying that his death is the one that hit 51 hardest too. Our grief continues to hit us in waves, as the show continues to find ways to honor the character’s legacy which keeps the wounds fresh in our hearts and minds.

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