Blue Bloods: Will Frank Reagan retire in season 14?

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is the man in charge. He’s not only the patriarch of the Reagan dynasty, but he’s the NYC Police Commissioner, and he regularly makes choices that affect the entire city. That’s a lot of stress and drama to contend with, but that’s all part of what makes Blue Bloods such a fun watch.

The thing is, Blue Bloods is heading into its fourteenth season. Frank has been a policeman for a long, long time, and eventually, he will have to consider the possibility of retirement. Could said retirement happen sooner than later? Is Frank looking to give up the title in 2024?

Does Frank Reagan retire on Blue Bloods?

Selleck and Blue Bloods executive producer Kevin Wade weighed in on the responsibilities that come with being the commissioner during a recent interview with TV Insider. The former made a particularly interesting point with regards to choice versus duty.

Frank has blatantly said, ‘I didn’t choose this job'”, the actor said. “He did it out of a sense of duty, because the cops needed a leader they could trust. So we doesn’t like the job and he’s not really a good boss. He often takes everything out on his staff. They understand, and they love their boss.” It’s a very telling aspect of the character, and one that will certainly become more evident as he gets older, and contemplates how long he wants to be in charge.

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As far as retirement goes, Wade has confirmed that it will happen at some point. Frank is human, after all. The good news is that his retirement won’t happen until after Blue Bloods has gone off the air. “I suppose when the show ends, he will step down”, the executive producer added. “There would be no advantage in having Frank run for mayor or retire and move out to Montauk and start fishing.”

This falls in line with Selleck’s previous statements, which made it clear that he’s willing to play the character for Frank for as long as the fans want to watch him. “I’ve got a mortgage,” the actor said during a separate TV Insider interview. “I’m game!”

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